It often does seem that it is the people who have all the resources that can make these shifts, but maybe it doesn't have to be. My wife and I had been teaching in public schools in the US for close to 30 when we made the shift. Clearly we were employed and could pay our mortgage but we were not able to save much for retirement. Three years ago we accepted a job to teach in an international school in Venezuela. Yes it does mean we are still teaching, and not exploring the world, but we are immersed in a different culture surrounded by colleagues from all over the world. They range widely in age and experience, from new out of college hoping to pay off student loans, while learning a new language and traveling to people raising you children, as well as people our age.
We are fortunate to have a skill set that allowed us to do this, but it required more a decision to take the minor risk of relocating and re-establishing relationships. I believe it has been very beneficial to out personal relationship as well since we are always confronting new challenges. Venezuela is a place that provides those challenges on a regular basis

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