Good article, Dr. Rosen. I do appreciate your concern on our social obsession with technology. Just few days back, I heard about This site is useful to get rid of FB usage for complete 99 days. But, I don't know whether anyone would can easily do that. If they will take a chance, then of course, they can get back their original life.

Life is not just about sitting in front of computer and wilfing around. It's more than that. It's waking up and walking in woods. It's smelling sunny breeze onto your face; it’s much much more than any of these giants companies are providing solutions to. Or alluding to.

Of course to some extent, as in your own words or the words of Turkle's, "sip of media diet" can be boon to some ... But, there is always this BUT.... that people's emotion is now proved to be "contagion" and they will do whatsoever to play with their users... they are just making mockery out of this using them (unethically, without their consent) on "rat experiment" for their own (for profit) purposes... to earn revenues through ads, marketing, money, stocks.... etc etc...

All these companies have their Internet lifetime. Someone remembers "Orkut"? Or "MySpace"? Where will be 'Facebook' in 2039? Nobody knows.