I agree with you, the first time an addict takes a drug it is a choice. I agree it is about choices, even if addiction is hereditary it ultimately is about choices, bad ones. Unfortunately when I was in high school we were never educated about drugs and how harmful they were( I graduated in 1984) I grew up sheltered and had never even met an addict let alone thought I would ever be "one of those people". I disagree however about jail being comfortable. I have been incarcerated twice and I can tell you in no way shape or form was I happy to be there( I responded to the post "drug use is about freedom of choice" and you can see my personal journey in addiction there) And Jail is NOT rehab. You can be mandated to a lock down facility that is primarily rehabilitation , however don't confuse jail with those institutions( I know I've been to both). I've seen people incarcerated for years at a time and the first thing they want to do when they get out is use.Then I've seen individuals who were incarcerated for short periods of time, were able to withdrawal succesfully and were able to stay clean and enter recovery. You said it , it's an individual choice.

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