Anonymous, I appreciate your comment here about terminology. Most people who use the term "unschooling"--including, as I understand it, John Holt, who first started using it--don't particularly like the term. However, nobody has come up with a good alternative. Self-directed learning is a good term, except it includes those who are in Sudbury type schools as well as "unschoolers." For the purpose of this study we wanted to focus just on home-based self-directed learners. We could have used that term--"home-based self-directed learners," but it is long and would get awkward. I have to admit also, that there is one sense in which I like the term "unschooling." It is accurate. Unschooling is NOT schooling--it's not traditional schooling, not homeschooling, and not Sudbury schooling. The fundamental decision made by families who take this route is that they are not going to "school" their children. I think one reason the term has stuck is that it is accurate. Nothing else describes the family decision so clearly. -Peter

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