Hi, Monica, Thanks again for posting all this great information. My comments were based on medieval European Catholic practices. I think European state given name censorship grew out of church practices. It's interesting to know the Eastern Orthodox Church does the same thing. I know the state still censors given names in France and Germany. (I don't know about the other European countries, but I would imagine most of them still do as you ave informed me they do in Romania.). The story about Niculina vs Nicoleta is fascinating. I knew Romania was part of the Eastern Orthodox Church in the Middle Ages, but I didn't know that it joined the Roman Catholic Church formally in 1700 as a result go the Hapsburg conquest. I'm guessing the prejudice against Nicoleta might possibly have something to do with Romania's Eastern Orthodox heritage?. Monica is a great name with lots of history—possibly going all the way back to Carthage (or perhaps even to to Phoenicia).

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