Not true about what you say of APA. This is one way to discriminate against people. Just as it is with other Accrediting BODIES/GROUPS such as CACRAP. This Assiociations are just A way to keep people from achieving their goals in helping the people that need help. APA might be for those Professors that need to feel they are above all, "NARCISSISTIC". APA is a bully at large along with the other ASSIOCIATIONS. Did you ever think that a person might want the oppuntunity to become a Psychologist to help people. Assiociations are just a way to give "BORDERLINE NARCISSISTIC" PEOPLE CONTROL OVER OTHERS WITH AN NEVER ENDING STANDARD WHICH IS FAKE. It is never enough for those people and will it stop. PLAN AND SIMPLE, IT IS A FORM OF DISCRIMINATION AND A WAY FOR THE ASSIOCIATIONS AND UNIVERSITIES TO MAKE MONEY. Now, because of these Assiociations and Universities people are losing their License to practice. The boards in each state are now going for the Money also. One thing leads to another GREED FOR MONEY. So tell me if the APA Accredtiation is worth destroying a persons life for what, A BORDERLINE NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY.