Again and again, experts claim that you can recognize a narcissist by their fashion sense, their flashy cars, their outgoing personalities and their intense (or dead) eyes.

It isn't always true. Some
are drab, have ordinary personalities, and are scared of sex because they're afraid they won't measure up. Their eyes are perfectly ordinary.

They don't always have a certain look. What they all do have is that same poisonous personality profile. If you have a severely narcissistic parent, and you were to draw them, they'd come out as deformed, broken and even monstrous. And during a "break up" with a a narcissist, the mask of sanity comes off, and you can almost smell the putrid stench of psychopathy. It's horrifying for a normal person to think they got so close to an inwardly deformed sociopathic creature with a human
appearance. They also have a greater capacity for violence.

They are psychotics living amongst the sane, wolves masquerading as sheep. They should not be allowed to reproduce,
at very least.

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