What happened today was a unique experience for my husband and myself. I woke up at 6.15 while my husband remained in bed. I went downstairs in the bathroom, washed my face and started thinking of my long day ahead. Suddenly I distinctly heard my mother's voice in my ear. It was so clear I wanted to reply. I also realized that she had a particular way of pronouncing my name which although so familiar, I had never given any importance to the way she put an accent on the O. She passed away two years ago. I was at first shy to tell my husband when he came down for breakfast but then told him 'Perceptions can be so deceiving - I heard my mother call me this morning.' He stared at me confused and in shock. He told me that while still in bed, soon after I woke up he heard his own mother clearly utter his full name. His mum passed away 28 years ago. We are still both amazed but it was a beautiful gift for both of us and a comfort to know that they called us practically at the same time!

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