I was in the middle of struggles, depression and emptiness when our a/c stopped working. The vent was unexplainedly shattered & even the technician can’t explain it. He said that it’s a very rare case. Since I am not superstition I did not mind it and I just wanted to fix it. A month before that, my daughter’s computer was broken but was fixed by my brother in law and after a week, broken again. Last week, I couldn’t sleep and he crossed my mind. I messaged him to give me a sign that he is with me and if I am forgiven for leaving him without us talking when when we split. I just left without a word. Today, my copier machine has a message that there’s a paper jam but there wasn’t. I prayed while in the threadmil that is located in the garage. Then after that I asked him again to give me a sign. I left the garage without knowing that it did not closed. I realized it wasn’t closed so I came back and tried to close it but it wouldn’t close and I cannot explain why because nothing was wrong with it and I checked if there are stuffs that are preventing it to close but there wasn’t. So I said, “Pls not this kind of sign because I’m gonna get robbed. This garage needs to be closed in the night time. “ Then I pushed the control panel and it closed.
I told myself, I will not ask for signs again but rather will just have faith that you are looking over me.
I feel a relief and I’m looking forward to see him again in the afterlife.

Am I right to believe that he caused all those electronic problems?

Hoping for your reaponse.

Thank you.

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