because it isn't the responsibility of the prison system to make people behave according to the law.

Individuals possess free will;they are in fact free...and can do what they choose to do,good or bad,law abiding-or law breaking.

The consequences for not adhering to law are published and well disseminated.Punishment by imprisonment is intended to be a deterent to crime;to discourage people from engaging in behaviors that historically,have been found to be at odds with the public good.

There's nothing any of us can do-nor all of us!- to stop anyone from behaving in ways that have been deemed inappropriate for living in a society such as exists today or ever.

But you what bothers me about this situation most? It ain't the idiots that couldn't follow the rules that landed them in prison: it's a person with a doctoral degree that spent all those years studying and couldn't this out.I never finished any school I ever went to.

Just exactly what,is her problem?

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