I agree with most of Linda Esposito's 22 suggestions except for the following: 2) Meditation e.t.c. - do you think solitude is an encouraging atmosphere (or idea) for reducing anxiety? Do you think meditation provides an invigorating answer to mental stress? During meditation, are you actually solving anything?; 8) Go To Bed Early - not if you can't sleep. That means frustration and frustration leads to.......? Let your body clock work for you instead of you forcing it to work. In other words, keep yourself busy until you know you are tired; 9) Wake up 15 minutes early - not long enough. 15 minutes will not cure thoughts of panic (e.t.c.) 30 minutes (or more)......much better - allowing time for relaxation; 19) If your anxiety is unbearable, forget the therapist. A therapist is a challenger and not an opportunity to re-examine the anxiety. You don't need to submit yourself to someone else's interpretation. The best result is finding a good listener that asks the questions that you could ask. Stay with the G.P. when necessary. Much better. Meanwhile, if things become unbearable: a) sit in a nice comfortable chair or lie on the bed; b) tell yourself you are taking a break from all the demands around you; c) close your eyes and think of nothing but relaxation (you might fall asleep because you need it); d) you don't need to get out of that chair or off the bed until you know you are ready; e) renewed confidence should follow allowing you to re-examine those events which concern you. Get yourself a notebook and pen to help you consolidate your position regarding all that surrounds you and challenge yourself to present those moments (tinged with anxiety) in a positive way. Then, guess what? It may be valuable to others!

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