First of all, the name Baphomet means Baphos (baptism) of Metos (wisdom). Anyway, the original baptism was similar to waterboarding. The main trunk of the vagus nerve emerges from the brain in the nasopharynx. Vagal stimulation overrides the inhibitory neurons of the brain, thereby awakening the brain to more than the "normal" ten percent brain use. LSD does the same thing by blocking seratonin, the neurotransmitter of those inhibitory neurons. Thus, vagal stimulation is as effective as LSD. Ten to twenty percent brain use is heavenly. Twenty to fifty percent brain use is very educational and was known as conferring "the knowledge of good and evil". From twenty percent brain use to thirty percent brain use whatever you depict will become your reality. From thirty to forty percent brain use whatever you write will become your reality. And, from forty to fifty percent brain use whatever you say will become your reality. "If you have the faith of a mustard seed and say to this mountain move, it shall be moved". You are drawn by the stronger thought by inductive resonance to the probability time line where the mountain is elsewhere. But, beyond fifty percent brain use every thought becomes your reality. Who can handle that? You may think, "I had better had not think of that", and thereby you are thinking of "that" and "that" becomes your reality. Soon you wish you were someone else, and, you body switch into that someone else. That someone else probably having a brain at ten percent brain use, and it not being your body, as soon as that body sleeps or dies, you body switch to another body. You then body switch into every body you have seen, backward and forward in time, doing this for about a hundred years duration. It is called in the Greek New Testament an "aioniu amartematos", and aeon of failure, but translated in the King James version, "eternal damnation". The Clockwork Orange treatment was given by large doses of LSD, and the victim is forced to watch films of horrible human torment even today with waterboarding doing the same thing. The victim thereby suffers all the torments seen, for real. The Baphomet image gestures "As below, so above". The higher plexuses of the parasympathetic nervous system can be aroused just as much as the lowest (XXX). And, Baphomet is the "horned one", just as the parasympathetically enervated "vishuddha" chakra is horned by the hyoid bone. Enough stimulation there, of course, also acts like LSD.

The Illuminati, in trying to keep, even , their lesser secrets, which are about polarities, have really messed up definitions of "positive" and "negative". THEY have messed them up so badly that electrons, "posited" solids, are called "negative", leaving "negated" holes to be called "positive". Calling "positive" good, and "negative" bad, is part of their classic attempt to block the primal process of the universe, the cancellation of opposite polarities, and it exposes THEM to actually be closet gays. Let's dissolve their anti-natural system by spreading their supreme grand secret, which has been suppressed knowledge about our own bodies, which we all have a natural right to know. THEIR supreme grand secret, put in medical terms, is "Vagal stimulation is as effective as LSD". This has been the most suppressed secret in history.

"Secrets of the Serpent"? Kundalini (parasympathetic arousal) is depicted as a serpent. And, some of the practices do produce hissing, like the forbidden "blowing on knots" of the Koran, which is considered to be witchcraft. There is no real witchcraft without vagal stimulation, using the powers of from twenty percent brain use to fifty percent brain use. The rituals and symbolisms are only sorcery, probability manipulation.