We can open our mind and our heart by being more receptive to what life throws at us, as challenging as that can be. When we can be more flexible in how we think about & react to our life experiences, our outlook, feelings, & attitude tend to change.

For example, if I see a co-worker when I get to work & greet him or her with a friendly "Good morning" but they don't return my greeting & seem to give me an unhappy look, I can respond to their behavior in a number of ways. Some those ways (especially passing judgement on or personalizing it) essentially close my mind & heart: "What a jerk." "How dare he (or she) diss me like that!" Other ways of responding help to open my mind & heart: "I hope he (or she) is ok." "That's strange, maybe he (or she) is going through something really difficult right now." "He (or she) must be in a lot of pain to react like that."

And the next time I see them in the morning, I have a choice: I can act out of a closed mind & heart - like I'm ignoring him (or her) and withhold a friendly greeting, or I can keep an open mind & heart (not necessarily easy to do) and extend the same friendly greeting - in which case, I may get the same unhappy look or the other person's response may be different this time. In any event, I can't control what anyone else does, only what I do.

I hope this is helpful.