I used to fake it that I bought into the relationship between spirituality and addiction; but I just don't see it. Addiction is a form of suffering, every person suffers in some way at some time. I believe it is dismissive of the life problems that lead to addiction to say that all addicts are really seeking "spiritual wholeness" through "an altered state of consciousness". I don't believe that to be true and hearing it so often for years upon years has made it very difficult for me hold onto the spirituality that I really do want in my life. The smooth, but general and unsubstantiated words, that link the two and imply such dividends of serenity, if only one does the exact right things to attain this spiritual nirvana; are basically sickening. And Carl Jung did not inspire the 12 steps, the steps are taken directly from the Oxford Group, which was a fundamentalist Christian group that arose before WWII; with some very questionable beliefs and practices (at least among established theologians of the time).

I have no problem with spirituality, but there are so many people who suffer from various mental health issues who become addicted trying to self-medicate; along with people who have pain issues and become addicted that way. They have needs beyond simply "getting spiritual" and there really isn't enough done to address this in "recovery". What we end up in many circumstances is people being told to basically rely on faith healing.