The title and content of this article does certainly depict some of the root causes and issues with texting:

For me? Intent is always wise to seek out. The intent of the texting: Confirm plans? Arrange a meet up? Or stuck in a meeting and need to convey something without excusing yourself from the room? Yet, too often today, we find ourselves being sucked in further by social media for modes of communication -- all the while losing what we yearn for most: human contact. And no typed words will ever be an adequate substitute for human contact. For some (many), I have found texting to be an ego booster. Seeking out texts and chats to affirm or validate or satisfy the ego. Unfortunately, these needs always leaves someone feeling empty. Sometimes both. Because, again, there is no real substitute for human contact.

Texting as communication is an illusion we are functioning based on our needs. We are not. We are falsely -- with short term gains, only -- providing ourselves with a sense of fulfillment. And if and when someone seeking the ego boost is no longer being satisfied, they will move on to the next individual -- willing to help them, via text -- fulfill this short term need. It becomes a vicious, cyclical engagement.

Will pictures of food ever satisfy hunger? Will my dog ever be satisfied with radio voices versus my presence? Will I ever feel genuinely connected to someone who only types at me from a keyboard and appears on my screen?

Texting has its place -- and for me, it does not work as a primary means of communications or a relationship.

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