I had a maltipoo and at first he got along fine with my GSD, but as the months went by this high energy, AGGRESSIVE, dog started biting my GSD on the legs all the time. I had my GSD for years and he didn't have bad behaviors but the maltipoo did, like eating trash, chewing shoes, taking food into the other room and eating it. Now my GSD does those things. The MP also would attack the kids and the cats. One day while the maltipoo was in the kitty litter (he's the size of a cat so please don't tell me to put it where the dog can't go, this is a dog who jumped up on my stove while I was cooking!) ... anyway... when I tried to retrieve him from the crapbox, he attacked me and put a hole in my hand in the flesh between my thumb and pointer finger. It growled in it's sleep all the time, as in every time it slept. He would bark at the sound of nothing and attack my curtains like the windows were trying to kill the dog. The dog is absolutely insane. The people who have him now have tried and spent thousands on training by the best and accredited trainers around. Their conclusion? The dog is psycho. I'll never have a poodle-mix again. Not after the fact that it's been 1 year since getting rid of "demon dog" and my GSD still has the bad habits he learned from the MP, including transporting his food into the living room. At least he never learned the habit of eating cat crap.

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