Anonymous wrote:

When you buy a dog from a breeder, you're not only leaving an innocent shelter dog to die, you're also providing an incentive for the breeder to continue producing more puppies than there are homes for.

First of all, ALL "purebreds" at one time (and not too long ago at that) were also "designer breeds".
It is ignorant to assume a "shelter dog will die" if one obtains their preferred type of dog from a responsible breeder. Responsible breeders don't create "more puppies than there are homes for", they usually have waiting lists for their pups and rarely will one of their dogs wind up at a shelter except in unusual circumstances, and they invariably will have a network to retrieve the dog from the shelter if they know about it, even if the dog is out of state. "Rescues and shelters" certainly have their place, but I guarantee you there is not one shelter or breed rescue in the US that has the type/breed of dog I prefer, in fact even the rescues have waiting lists, so if I get one I am not taking a home away from a "shelter dog" that I had no intention of adopting to begin with.
I also prefer a dog that has been raised in an appropriate way and not traumatized. I've already done more than my fair share of rescue and rehab of abandoned dogs and puppies (none of my preferred breed), now I get to have some that have been loved and cared for since (even before) birth!

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