I have 2 small labradoodles and yes I paid a lot of money for them. And I do not regret it t all. They are exactly what I wanted - 25 pounds, affectionate, energetic, smart, and I am not allergic to them. As the article points out responsible breeding requires knowledge of the dogs lineage and testing. That is what I paid for; that and caring, loving breeders. I met them and saw the home where my puppies were born. I was a smart shopper. Puppy farms are a disgrace and if people stop buying from them they will cease to exist. I also have a rescue dog that I am not allergic to and I wish I could breed another one of him! I cannot rescue just any dog and I don't think it is my responsibility to only adopt dogs, but I do think it is everyone's responsibility to be a smart shopper. If someone can't afford to buy from a reputable breeder then find another solution that doesn't keep the puppy farms in business. Choose a different breed or go to shelter. I love my labradoodles and I want Conron to know that he has made me and many others very happy. There will always be criminals and we can't let them stop us from being creative - lets stop them from being thieves!