When you breed a doodle anything and the parents are two purebred animals (one poodle one lab/golden/etc) the resulting puppies are referred to as generation F1. If you then breed two F1 dogs together, two labradoodles for instance, their puppies are F2. It may seem counterintuitive, but the F1 generation tends to have more consistency in appearance then the F2. As I understand it, a F1 litter tends to come out with about 50% of the puppies having a poodle like curly/wavy coat, 25% having a wire-haired coat (think deerhounds and wolfhounds), and 25% end up with more of a lab like coat. The F2 litter will end up with far fewer poodle haired individuals and a lot more genetic variety. Here's a website that goes into it with a bit more depth http://goldendoodles.com/faqs/generations.htm If you scroll down a bit they have images of poodle wolf hybrids that show the more uniformed appearance of F1 and varied appearance of F2. So basically she short answer is, if you were to breed a doodle to a doodle you end up with something that people recognize as a mutt on sight and won't pay outrageous amounts for. Not that I have anything against mutts, personally I'd rather get a shelter mutt then pay top dollar for a purebred or designer breed dog.

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