The author writes: What holds us together is empathy, the emotional basis that underlies human communities. But if empathy is a strong part of human nature, why then is it that we kill one another with regularity and periodically go to war?

Please consider these thoughts:

= When searching for a cause for something bad in human nature begin with Egotism as your prime suspect.

= We have more empathy for people who look like us, think like us, and are close to us.

= Group pride is disguised self-pride. A man extremely proud of being Irish and Catholic would be every bit as proud had he, by some twist of fate, been raised to think of himself as German and Lutheran. It is not that his groups are inherently wonderful. His groups are wonderful because they are HIS groups.

= Cooperation is neither bad nor good. The same is true for competition. The goals of those cooperative or competitive endeavors will determine whether they are good or bad. Either can be good if they advance humanity toward global harmony. Either can be bad if they hinder that effort.

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