One of the biggest issues in this country is the American diet. We need to change our food system so that we produce more healthful foods instead of subsidizing corn, wheat, and soy, which are used in pretty much every processed food on the grocery store shelves. These foods are loaded with calories and we are constantly bombarded with advertisements for them.
Shaming and stigmatizing overweight or obese people is not going to fix the problem. Because of the complexity of the issue, there is no easy fix/cure. Here are a few suggestions though:
-overhaul of our current food system and subsidies of corn, wheat, and soy.
-Put pressure on advertising to limit ads targeted to children, promoting of unhealthy, empty calorie foods.
-Continued changes to our health care system that promote education and preventative medicine, instead of fixing the problems once they have already occurred.

I am sure that I am missing a few good points, but these are the three I feel are most important.