I think everyone agrees that being overweight CAN be detrimental to the health of the person. However, we must look beyond our current obsession with this issue. Truly it should not be fat vs thin in our society. And we must learn from history. So interesting when the use of amphetamines became stigmatized by the war on drugs that we started on the path of the war on obesity because few people realize that use of amphetamines to control weight especially in women was very common up until the early 1980's. I am not at all saying that use of amphetamines is a good idea for everyone but perhaps it did work for some people. In addition we are now a service industry society where jobs are full time with part time pay - high stress and low control. This certainly increases secretions of cortisol which in turn results in weight being deposited in the abdominal area. Good food is expensive and moreover when you buy fresh vegetables and fruits there is a large chance of the food spoiling before it is used. There are many areas where there is limited access to good and nutritious food. Children come home alone and must stay indoors because they live in neighborhoods where safety is an issue. Sports programs cost money and many low income communities have cut these programs or increased the fees. These are just a couple of areas of concern and there are many more including cultural components. Obesity is a public health problem that will not be addressed by use of stigmatization or other simplistic approaches. Really shame on anyone for believing such an approach should even be considered.