With all respect to you, your article does not refute the two original premises/facts:

1 All human beings are mentally ill, just to varying degrees.
2 All human beings are addicted to something/addicts, just to varying degrees.

Some people have mental illnesses that are debilitating in a much deeper area, say, people diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, diseases of the brain chemistry, and others have different types of mental illness.

All people are addicted to something, for some it is a material or substance, like alcohol or food, and for others it is excercise or watching television "binge watching", and for others it is religion or faith. The point stands: Everyone has some addiction to something. Some may have more debilitating or harmful effects to the addict and those around the addict, who are also addicts, but all are addicts and all are mentally ill, no matter their station or position in life or their beliefs.

Animals are not mentally ill nor are they addicts. Animals only follow their nature. Human beings make choices and yet also have a nature which is mentally ill and addictive. Perhaps I am wrong, perhaps animals are addicts and mentally ill, too.

You and I and all reading this are mentally ill addicts in some way and to something or things.