I am 17 years old and i truly understand i was taken away from my dad when i was two and then left at my aunts door by my mom saying she couldn't take care of me and my sister she then got us back when I was 6 and ended up abusing me I remember to this day that she would throw me and my sister against the wall and beating us, I remember having nightmares that felt like they were really happening, and i still have them to this day. I remember waking up on a school day and asking my mom for some privacy so I could get dressed and her coming over to me smacking my face leaving me with a scar on my right eye and a black eye I ended up going to school with a scratch across my eye and DCS got involved but I wouldn't talk to them because my mom plainly told me and my sister that if we told anyone we would get our butts beaten, my sister ended up telling DCS what was going on and they ended up asking me and I finally told them my story and as soon as me and my sister got home we both got our butts busted and DCS took us away. That is only half of the story.