My mom sounds very much like your mother. Covering her tracks and making me, just the sight of me the cat ilit of her anger. On thanksgiving day 1974 we went to my mom's rich friends for dinner, mostly so she could do cocane. After dinner they sent us to their sons room to play while they did their drugs. My sister was 13, naked and having sex with this boy when his dad came in to check on us. I was 11 sitting in a dark corner clutching the dog to my chest in fear. The father told my sister to get dressed and to get ger butt back in the livingroom. I left that bedroom with our friends father and glad to be out of that room. I was a virgin, well if you don't count being molested by an uncle and raped by my brother. But I didn't want anything to do with boys or sex, I was a kid and wanted to play dolls. So my friend dad and I got to the livingroom and my mom asked him if we were behaving. He answered the truth, he said I was acting like a perfect lady, which I was. My mom berated me the entire hour drive home. When we got home she beat me from head to toe. She blackened my eyes, broke my nose, and kicked me tell I almost threw up. Then she grounded me and took my allowance away from me for a year (never really got allowances any way, she always had some reason I didn't deserve it. Really who pays slaves for 4 hours of hard labor a day). Then she called me a whore. Then she told me for the thousandth time I was a peice of white trash and would never amount to anything. All these years later I can hear ger poisoned words. I could go on and on all day long about this evil woman who was cruel to pretty much everyone she ever knew in one way or another. But the big question besides how to I move on from here now that this horrible person is dead is how do we change and inform society about the damage , long term damage to our minds and bodies this abuse is causing the childern and future adults. I think they should have child abuse warning posters at schools, so kids can start feeling empower instead of feeling like victims. Also there is a statue of limitations on getting compensation from these abusers. We either need to change the laws or inform these young victims they only have a few years to get some money off the people who tortured them. If I would have known I was going to suffer health issues my entire life as a side effect and added bonus of her cruelty, I would gave sued her. I have the police report and the witnesses.