My son's gf is in a very abusive home in my opinion. Her mother has told her she should have aborted her when she had the chance to. Her father hasn't looked or spoken to her in days. The parents are married, but in counseling. The more the counseling continues the worse the father treats her. I have purchased every stitch of clothing, shoes, hair/body product for her in the past year. So tonight the father got mad at her, shut down the air conditioning on her side of the house, they have a split unit so the parents have their own ac, which is set on 76. All light bulbs were removed from her room except for one. She can only shower twice a week. The temp is about 105 with heat index. The father spends approximately $400 a month on his gym membership and approximately $300 a month on protein shakes, yet he cannot provide for her as far as clothing or school supplies. In fact she was "punished" so they refused to take her to get paper and pencils for school this year. My son showed up at their house and they agreed to let her go school shopping with him as long as he paid for it. I don't know what to do except to support her financially and pray until she turns 18. Any thoughts?