I do not believe that intelligence is hereditary. Not one bit. Our environment influences ourselves, and ultimately, our brain. As a matter of fact, exercising increases your brain size, hence, brain volume. Not good enough? Cab drivers have big hippocampus. Hereditary has no impact or influence on a persons intelligence.

So of course I don't believe this theory. I would argue that is practical for a group to solve a complex puzzle. It makes social sense. We see it animals. How one a group of wolves work together to take down a meal. I believe that is the case here. And since we are both human and social creatires, it is wired to help solve problems.

On its surface it makes logical sense to increase the number of the population to help solve a problem. If you look at what CNN is doing(they are going all-out on it) they are in effect using group wisdom to help solve the mysterious case. And I mean they are putting everything on the table: experts, Cheech and Chong, toy planes, etc. But that's a different topic all entirely. You need to talk about the ethics about the reporting as well as the judgment. Quite frankly, I believe they are an embarrassment.

But to get back on topic, I believe group wisdom supports social theory than evolution theory. And in the case of the mysterious flight disappearance, is more evident. Some experts just give intelligence a bad name. We all believe we can solve problems, that makes us human. But we forget to realize how vulnerable we really are, and how easy it is to hurt people.

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