I am a frequent flier between Europe, Asia and Australia and have clocked up a few 100k's of miles over recent years. I have always managed a "background" fear of flying by assuming that everything has been done to the best of human and technological powers to make sure it is as safe as possible. I trust the pilots and the crew to do their jobs. Of course I accept that there can be rare technological failing and human error.

However, from this dreadful event, many things have come out that really concern me. One is that Interpol has a database of Stolen and Lost documents that all passports can be easily checked against, and yet, they now tell us that 4 out of 10 international passengers are not screened! I thought that by giving my passport number when booking a ticket, it would be checked and double checked along with every one else's on the plane. This makes me feel very angry, that I could be sat with terrorists, criminals and others who are lying about their identity. How do aircrew feel about this?

The constant misinformation and complete bungling of the search for this plane with its cargo of trusting passengers on board is also an insult to travellers everywhere.

I really hope that systems will be put in place to make us feel safer following this disaster.

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