Let's see, you ate dirt and your play was along strict gender lines. Now your response is a flying off the handle rant that combines kindergarten and craft table with expletives that are across the board unacceptable in polite society. Curious that you turned into a caricature of "boy."

And SURELY you aren't saying academic research psychologists, or any adult progressive enough to concern themselves with gender issues, were the driving force of the overblown, discriminatory AIDS panic. I was 7 in 1984, and in my upper middle class neighborhood we had class after class about how being around someone who was infected is perfectly safe. Perhaps it was the "let my kids eat dirt" parents who were propagating the uneducated hysterics?

I don't think anyone believes toy guns result in Charles Manson, our fear is that...well... If you're holding your own anecdote as an argument, be sure you aren't supporting the other side.

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