But not to people. (They shoot horses, don't they?)

What about the potential for inhalant abuse? "Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing Elmer's!"

Shirley you can't be serious. I can't believe there really was an "academic study" on why pink is for girls and blue is for boys (and where that leaves kids who like orange and green). Just yesterday I was ranting about how useless liberal arts majors in college are, because there are entire seminar courses and government-funded studies (done by these liberal arts grads, no doubt) on the "gender politics of color."

Who funded this, Crayola? Pantone? Adobe? In conjunction with the Ms. Foundation?

"With generous support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and VIEWERS LIKE YOU!"

My brother, a sophomore majoring in exercise science, was right: You can actually go to college and major in "blue."

Meanwhile, uh, jobs?

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