I can relate to this story and the study done seems like, although generalized in the article, that it was a socio-cultural study of relevance to early childhood development. I appreciate articles like this for the clarity it can help to bring. The many childhood memories I have that made me question my personal relevance from a toddler through adolescence. When you have parents who say they are forward thinking socially, publicly, when in reality they are covertly conditioning their offspring with hardened personal gender/ racial/ or any other bias, it can be a very confusing topic for their children (mixed messages actions do not match words, or words in public do not match words and actions in private), where the credibility of the child's experience conflicts directly with the value structure of the authorities in their care. I am uncertain how relevant this is in developing gender sex identity (though it certainly does), but in personal value and social relevance it is immensely important because of gender conditioning affecting the overall life success potential of youth into adulthood. Parents can say a lot of things about being of good, wholesome intent, without really knowing/acknowledging/wishing to know any better. The difference between parent and child, is that the offspring are often left on their own to sort out their family's cognitive dissonance and blindness to their ingrown bigotry assumed to be "good", and what is truly wholesome child rearing and self care.

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