Was anything done to account for biases outside of the classroom or cultural influences from each other? If the children were saying men could be doctors, where did they get that idea? Why didn't they say only women could be doctors? If we are to presume the teachers only labeled the children, how did they associate particular careers with each gender? If girls weren't made to sweep, then how did they associate girls and homemaking? Perhaps most students had stay at home moms and got the idea there. What is to say they weren't already introduced to these ideas outside the home and constantly reminding the children of their gender made them self-reinforce? We also know males and females are inherently different and have different needs. One study showed girls responded better to self-esteem building talks than boys. After puberty, a man's broad shoulders provide a greater range of motion, which directly translates into better throwing ability. That's not to say women can't work around narrow shoulders, just that men do have that advantage. Kids are great at observing and classifying. Perhaps they were noticing natural differences between the sexes and the ones constantly reminded of their sex placed greater importance on how it affects them.

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