Everything sounded reassuring in what the goal of the research was, but the end was SOOO male-centered.
"If kids believe that “all boys like sports” (something they are more likely to say after four weeks in the gender-labeling class), imagine what life is like for the boy who doesn’t like sports, can’t throw a ball, or throws “like a girl." Studies show that other kids will tease him, and his self-esteem will take a hit. Through no fault of his own, he will get treated poorly, simply because his peers think all boys or all girls should act a certain way."

What would life be for a girl who actually likes sports? She will also be teased and insulted - too masculine, a dyke, butch, tomboy, etc. Or what about the girl who would LOVE to play sports but she will shy away from it for the same reasons that a girl who is brave enough to play sports will be bullied about?

So, it is also VERY important that when we talk about the importance of how we talk about gender, that we don't put the emphasis on boys/men. Let's talk about how the same scenario will affect BOTH genders.

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