Thanks for the link.

However I didn't say that "studies haven't found huge numbers of gender differences". I criticised the article for asserting these differences without giving any material.

Now we have one study here, it will take more than one study to make a broad generalisation on the whole of mankind.

Finally, this study doesn't address point 2 (about the fact that this can be the result of education). I would cite the study:
"The authors observed only a few gender differences in the connectivity in children younger than 13 years, but the differences were more pronounced in adolescents aged 14 to 17 years and young adults older than 17."

Of course it could be linked to hormones, but it could also very well due to the result of education, society and culture.

This is a very serious topic and it deserves better than being used as a marketing tool for bloggers and some researchers looking for recognition.

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