StephaneS, you're correct that some of the facts here are incorrect. For example, the article states that estrogen is a female hormone, while in fact estrogen is present in different quantities in both males and females. The links that the author draws between physical differences and behavioral differences are also specious. For example, it hasn't been adequately demonstrated that there's a difference in multitasking ability between males and females (which is probably why the author phrases it as "you may have noticed" rather than "such and such a study shows"). Furthermore, even if there was a clear difference in multitasking ability, differences in brain structure might not account for it. The brain is a very flexible organ. You may have brain map A and I have brain map B, but we both accomplish the same tasks because both of us can easily reroute, repurpose and reuse different areas. There's more that's wrong with this article but it's not really worth going into. I'm pretty sure it was written from a perspective of "let's think about gender differences and find some kind of justification for them" rather than an objective or scientific viewpoint.

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