…Therefore there is no safe threshold level. The only safe exposure level is zero, a position confirmed by dose-response trends in epidemiological studies” zero SO YOU ALL WHO BELIVE IN THIS MUST MOVE TO ANOTHER PLANET BECAUSE IN EARTH YOU CANT FIND PLACE WHERE RADIATION DO NOT OCCURS.[/quote]

This is not true regarding the EMF Neil speaks to. Otherwise, radiotelescopes would not work properly. Even a leaky microwave oven in the breakroom of an observatory will throw them off. Thus the most sensitive must be located in “EMF clean” areas.

Furthermore, one can use Faraday cloth like wall paper to create a “Faraday room” in one’s home if one desires to be 100% free of EMF. A quick search on google produced both wallpaper and paint that will provide one with a Faraday cage effect. (http://www.lessemf.com/paint.html)

So it is quite possible to be EMF free if one desires.

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