Jeremy, could not agree more- well put! I notice that children today don't know how to use their hands as tools. For example, to use pressure to clean a dish or sweep. Part of it is that they lack core muscle strength, and part of it is underdeveloped sensori-motor integration of the world.

They also can't intuit how things work. Recently we had young interns in our office and they could not grasp how the chart needed to be in sequential order. Even if you'd never seen a chart, it's organized in a common sensical way.

Contrast that with kids who've grown up working on a farm or ranch and you'll see a HUGE difference if their skills, sense of responsibility, neatness, sticktoitiveness, etc. Not to mention compassion and organizational abilities.

Aside from the instant gratification and unrealistic reward expectations, I feel it has to do with the virtual world lacking boundaries. Physical, psychological, and social boundaries help kids feel secure and thrive.

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