sorry for your problem but with no any proof all brain changes studies shows area that are not associated with your symptoms so its mean youdont have any proof you problem can be due to many things. This is call quackery that way we have so many medical myth self diagnoses from person who dont have idea about brain. Im sure you will understand my point in the future how many time need how long people use Tv and video games internet and dont have any problem also all studies shows that people with internet have brain difrent but any shows that this is cause by internet. "I tried to use f.lux, and I turned down the lights on the screen completely. I also used sunglasses when looking at the screen. But still it didnt have enough effect to help me" isnt this is proof that this is not a cause you use program sunglasses to filter blue light with no effect conclusion? there is no corelation I look for manys studies about that i loves neurology and i use internet without addiction symptoms. Read about chines studies problems
"But China's scientific progress is no sure thing. Interviews with Chinese scientists working in the West together with data from the OECD and some of the world's leading science academies suggest restrictive political and cultural attitudes continue to stifle science there."
If you will have real scientific evidence (good conducted study. showing that internet cause this alteration and they are negative.) wrote. For now you are another person who claims something without proof

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