One your link show only say about impact of to much sitting second at brain development. Brain developments is period when your brain programe people who learn playing for example in piano have more grey matter in auditory cortex, our brain dont damage from that but adapt to situation you can call this evolution look at Second about tv the most what say that lower iq you know why because children spend time wathing and they dont study in this time. What more i read a all study about internet and the alteration of brain region is most prefrontal cortex any of your symptoms are not related to this area whats more there are studies showing better moto-sensory coordination. In your case probably you get this from other source or hearing about that somwhere and get placebo effect. You know using computer are from older generation people who know have 30-40 years and we dont have any epidemic.
I can give you know links to true studies but look at all of studies showing negative brain change even one cant be replicated they dont even publish conflict results.
P.S on your other comment i will response tomorrow.

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