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Here are som summaries from studies with references:




I could bicycle and compete untill the body got to messed up. There was a period for 6 months - 1 year or something where things went over the top. It was really bad after that period. Thats when i stopped screen time, and started sleeping and relaxing 15-20 hours a day instead. And the rest i spent outside walking, and bicycling slwoly with alot of deep breathing to try to relax the nervous system it was really really bad, trust me. For 2 years i didnt compete. I had my first road bike race in 2 years one week ago. I still havent had my first hard intervall workout session for over 2 years, but things are starting to get so good that I think im able to do it during this summer. Trust me out of experience this can be really bad. Somehow it stresses the brain and body. I dont know why, i just know that you get alot of different symptoms that are simular to chronic fatigue symptoms, and if you continue things get worse and worse. If i had continue using screens, I would have gotten way more messed up. Racing toughts would have been worse, metabolic problems would have gotten worse, depression would have gotten worse, nervous system would have gotten more aroused, I had tension from my toes out my eyes, my testicles, legs, arms, stumach. All this tension and aroused nervous system isnt something i just got from sitting still in front of a screen. I had to lay down still without the screens to try to relax it.I just know that screen time has exploded not so many years ago, and chldren are starting at younger ages, this could get really bad for many people in the future.

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