Of course it not good to sit still all the time and eat unhealthy, but there are many studies that shows links between screen time and mental health issues, adhd, attention dissorders, metabolic syndrome independent of physical activity etc. " metabolic syndrome independent of physical activity etc. " really? show me this study. Rest what you saying are been studing in gamblers and shows that people with this symptoms are more prone to be addicted rather than get this problem from addiction. Also you see what you wrote ? Got tension in the whole body, jaw, neck, head, stumach legs. Muscle were and locked itself. I couldnt do like 2-3 deadlifts because the muscular was so tense it just locked itself. had to push myself to go outside in nature, bicycle camly, rest and sleep alot. In second comment you wrote something opposit.
Iv been excercicing regulary 2 hours a day on average, and been competing in road bike races. So tell me you cant do sitsup or deadlifts and now you saying you exercise 2h a day.... also cant jogging "old injuries in my ancle, hips and shoulder." Also all symptoms you say are over eating suga. Also explain me " build up stress slowly" what stress? always new tech is scary like blaming car plane and tv for evrything now is just a myth. Second all study about Internet are from China look at their recovery camps. China goverment censorship internet and all studies. About limitations of this studies look here http://thesciencebit.net/2012/01/21/its-official-internet-overuse-causes-brain-damage-oh-wait-no-it-doesnt/. What more your all symptoms are similar to those arising from bad posture and to much sitting.
drinking chocolate drinks good for you you think sugar dont mess with your brain?

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