Its true its dangerous to look at the sun atleest in the middle of the day. The people who practice this is gazing in a 1 hour window from when the sun comes up and goes down where the UV is low. Starting 10 seconds on day 1 and adds 10 seconds every day. Im just saying that they report that its healing the mind and the body, and release tension. Its natural to stay outside and get natural lights on the eyes even tho you dont look at the sun. It controls or sleep rythms the light and the darkness.

The artificial lights from the screens break down melatonine wich is a hormon released when it gets dark and you get sleepy. Its a powerful antioxidant that cleans the body. The screens puts the hormone system out of balance. Thats probally why i got warmer at nights because serotonine controls body temperature. It also controls mood etc. After i reduced the screen time for 30 min a day for 6 monhts i alos felt my temperatur beeing more normal at nights and its even better now over 2 years after.

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