Iv been excercicing regulary 2 hours a day on average, and been competing in road bike races. And iv been eating very health since my body had hard to process sugar and i didnt feel good when I ate it. I probally sat around whats average 7 hours a day I still got these symptons, then realized what has happened and quit. 6 months after i could feel the change in the physiology my body could handle food and sugar much better. Iv never been eating more sugar and chocolate in my life than i do now. I eat it when im out bicycling to get energy, and drinking chocolate drinks after exercicing. Of course it not good to sit still all the time and eat unhealthy, but there are many studies that shows links between screen time and mental health issues, adhd, attention dissorders, metabolic syndrome independent of physical activity etc.

Also the effects can happen so hidden. It can damage you without you knowing it, then things get worse and worse over shorter periods of time. People are so addicted to so they continue using screen time to feel better and to have something to do, wich only makes the stress disease worse. So from getting fructose intolorance they get worse and worse problems handling food fructose malabsortion. Some people could be more sensitive to screens also.
And since you build up stress slowly without knowing it, maybe if you continue for 10 more years you get problems in the future.

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