I have experience with screen time. Trust me it can REALLY mess you up. Its been stressing my brain and body somehow for many years, and i got alot of different symptoms. My nervous system became hyper aroused, I wasnt able to relax it. I got light and sound sensitivity. I got metabolic problems, my body got more and more problems handling sugar. I got mental issus. Bad judgement. Racing toughts. Impulsive actions. Starting to get sleep dissorders. My hormone system was more messed up, my temperature at nights was very warm. I got more sweathy before. Got tension in the whole body, jaw, neck, head, stumach legs. Muscle were and locked itself. I couldnt do like 2-3 deadlifts because the muscular was so tense it just locked itself. Same with situps my neck locked itself. I started getting anxiety problems. And the sickest thing is that you cant understand how much it has messed you up, untill you stop for a long time. I realised what had happened and reduced screen time to an avarge of around 30 min a day, had to push myself to go outside in nature, bicycle camly, rest and sleep alot, deep breathing, listening to relaxing music etc. All this symptoms are simuluar to chronic fatigue syndrome.It took my around 6 monhts with alot of effort untill I could feel the change in the physiologi, anxiety problems started to fade more and more, racing toughts got more calmer etc, but still i was fared stressed out. Now I have continued for 2 years and 3 months, and im still not recovered. But things are getting better and better if i continue reducing stress from screen time. Also 6-7 year old injuries in my ancle, hips and shoulder are starting to heal more and more after quitting screen time. I couldnt play soccer for 6-7 years becose of an ancle injury that i got when i was around 20 years old. Iv spent 6 years old trying to fix it. And when i quit screen time, tension and stress reduces from the body and now the ancle is healing more and more so i can play soccer again. This is WAY more health damaging that i could ever imagine. All the symptoms i get are simular to chronic fatige syndrom symptoms. We are not ment to stare at a screen for many hours a day. We need the natural light from outside, from the sun. And the air outside and nature. For example people who practice sungazing reports that the light from the sun heals the mind and the body and reduces stress and tension. http://solarhealing.com/sungazing/

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