You are not neurologist so that way such incompetent article. If this will be true we will hear about that more time. Second brain contanly change one doctor very good explain this "However, imaging neuroscientist Karl Friston who helped pioneer the VBM technique, speaking to Scientific American, says gray matter shrinkage is not necessarily a bad thing. “The effect is quite extreme, but it’s not surprising when you think of the brain as a muscle,” says Friston, who was not involved in the study. “Our brains grow wildly until our early teens, then we start pruning and toning areas to work more efficiently. So these areas may just be relevant to being a good online gamer, and were optimized for that.”
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what interesting the most study are from china where government want people work not sitting front of computer
You wrote "From my own experience, you can see dramatic improvements with abstinence/drastic reduction" this all paranoia about Internet was 0.5 to 1 year. it seems cuting off internet cause in you delayed reactions

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