I'm uncertain about what I think of your essay. I agree that many emotional problems are caused by failures in emotional self-regulation and coping. However, I strongly disagree with you about your claim that service providers do not address that problem, or even encourage it. As a clinician who has worked in college counseling, I can say that the majority of my time has been spent teaching my clients emotion-regulation and coping skills that they did not learn elsewhere. Even clinicians that take a less directive approach are involved in teaching their clients how to experience painful emotions, evaluate them, and not be overwhelmed and experience crisis.

In writing this, I've reached a conclusion. I think your grasp of one of the sources of difficulty for students is accurate. However, I think your assumptions about how mental health professionals work with clients is extremely inaccurate, at least with respect to college counseling where there tends to be a strong focus on developmental issues.

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