That's a nice explanation of accepting reality. It works best if one starts to accept reality, that to win some of the good things in life, one will need to act on things that he/she doesn't feel like. Else one would think there will be some better circumstances in life that will make 100% of acts to be based on feelings. And wait forever.

I think I was always stuck (and still stuck sometimes) in this fallback. I wasn't feeling like doing things and that was strong on me and made me procrastinate till I feel like doing things. But the reality is, you will encounter a lot of things in life where you won't feel like doing them. Even if you had a dream job, there would be specific parts that you wouldn't like. Hell, I even have a creative hobby that I don't feel like doing it anymore (well more than a hobby, something to make life worthy). I could either quit with all the stuff I don't like or find ways to also do sometimes the things I don't feel like.

One way I am trying right now is to do small easy tasks first. Or say to myself, just do the thing you don't want to do for just 5 minutes. What is 5 minutes? Then you are free to do everything you want. Sometimes the 5 minutes grow into more, you start and it doesn't feel that bad. Even though I am working on it, sometimes I feel like I am cheating myself, persuading him to work for 5 minutes on something while I know the result will be more, so myself reacts. It works and doesn't sometimes. But it's a good start. Or I jump from small activities to others, fulfilling even part of it instead of doing absolutely nothing for the day helps you feeling better with yourself, so maybe it fills up your depleted willpower for the next day.

That's my current theory. Also, I believe this "I act as I feel" motivation is more strong in specific individuals. There are people who are robots and just sit down and do stuff. And there are others with high sensitive self who struggle with the whole thing. While my logic tells me "If you just did it, you would succeed", my emotions feel so extremely strong, I feel a negative pressure every time I try to do/act even if I don't feel like. Even for the 5 minute burst technique, while it has better success rate, I still feel an inner pressure against it. And sometimes in some days, this makes me avoid doing even the 5 minutes tricks, denying doing everything. I cannot fully understand this, it's not about physical exhaustion, but some mental/psychological force that feels so real and against acting.

But I think this is the right way to go and solve this, to accept that some things must be done even if not feeling like doing them and maybe there is no other way.

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