I am 56 and my husband of 1 year is 53. It was 4 nights before we consummated the marriage and then only made love 3 times in a 3 month period. I got fed up with trying and lying there thinking when will it happen. I told him I was fed up and that I did not want to have sex anymore and that he was now a companion and not a husband. He did not like it however neither did he go to GP to get checked out.
I love him but it has put a wedge between us and at times I am bitter towards him. I fight it as I do not intend to end the marriage it is just that I am very tactile and we just don't touch or kiss anymore. We kiss hello and goodbye but not romantically. I am turned on by the romance of the marriage and now that this has gone I feel rejected and unattractive. I am a modern professional lady with my own business and grown up children. I could be independent again as I was prior to meeting him. I am not sex mad I just love the romance and satisfaction feeling of being intimate with just one person, doing to them and vice versa what we would not do with anyone else... I cope most of the time just occasionally I could RIP HIS HEAD OFF!!!!

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