Why should Truth feel embarrassed for speaking the truth, the only embarrassing comment to this article was the nasty, uncivil one, made in response? Severe pressure and competition have always been an integral part of the college growth experience. Just see the old movie Paper Chase? Not only were the colleges back in the day non-supportive in a "pull yourself up by your bootstraps or you are not fit to enter your profession" way, but they purposely created extra stresses on the students in order to cull the weak in an "only the strongest graduate" mentality. My college didn't even have a mental health service. Pressure and competition were part of colleges' standards, to send into the working world "the Best and the Brightest." Frankly, the pressure and competition I endured in college was a walk amidst daisies compared to what I found when I entered the real world of work, where the admonition "remember, you're a professional" was the employers' war cry. Personally, I couldn't complain about the pressures of college because mine were nothing compared to what my mother went through in 1940's Nurses Training and, then, let me tell you about the pressures my dad was simultaneously experiencing in bootcamp before shipping off to the Pacific to face the Japanese war machine--no safe spaces and mental health services there. My sympathy is for the future employers and clients of this current crop of "professionals" because something is seriously wrong with a significant percentage of this college generation.

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