I am finding, as the child of a high school student, that there is a lot of pressure on my son, and it feels very wrong to me. Even in middle school, we were encouraged to send him to a certain high school because they had an IB program, and "college is so extremely competitive." Seriously, in larger cities, this pressure extends down to getting your child in the right pre-school, so they can go to the right elementary school, etc., in down the line. Now in his sophomore year, he has to choose whether or not to do the full IB program or the certificate program. All the teAchers and guidance are telling him he must do the full diploma program to get into the best colleges. Because the full diploma has certain requirements, he will no longer be able to take courses he's just interested in. I don't understand all this pressure in college either. I went to college in the early 90's and it was fairly easy and definitely enjoyable. I don't know. Our society puts such shame on you if you "fail." I worry for our kids.

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